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Aspinwall Plantation Division

     Rubber has many commercial applications from erasers to airplane tyres. Aspinwall entered the rubber plantation sector in the beginning of the 20th century. The plantations are nestled amidst the idyllic, evergreen hill ranges of northern Kerala and are among the first rubber estates to be developed in Kerala's organised plantation sector. The Group owns and manages about 2,000 acres of rubber plantations and produces high-grade centrifuged latex & technically specified natural rubber. Aspinwall's rubber processing factory which converts latex and scrap rubber into cenex and crumb, has a capacity of around 1000 tonnes per annum.

One of the strengths of Aspinwall's rubber division is its R&D orientation. By developing high-yielding clones, applying innovative agricultural techniques and inter-cropping with medicinal plants, the Division has been able to bring about higher yields and better quality. The output from the plantation is in three categories latex, crumb and skim rubber.